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Business Advice/Mentor

We offer business advice and mentor services. Grant Hilton is classed as one of the best business advisors and mentors that money can buy. His knowledge is so expansive and diversified with 37 years experience.

He also offers the most effective discretionary trusts available to people wanting to protect their assets. Including but not limited to real tangible property, commercial, private, residential, vehicle, crypto currencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, or any other assets or commodities to which 100% equity is owned.

Areas of expertise Include:-

–        Advertising / Marketing / Sales

–        Stockmarket Trading

–        Property Investment

–        Property Development

–        Yacht Development

–        Solar Electric Propulsion

–        Asset Protection

–        Ability to operate privately

–        Mentoring

–        Business Advice

–        Charitable Institutions

–        Income protection

–        Document copyrighted

–        Contract Common/ UCC Law

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Title: “Grant Hilton: A Journey from Homeless to Multimillionaire Mentor and Innovator”


In a world that often glamorizes overnight success stories, Grant Hilton’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, strategic planning, and a relentless pursuit of financial freedom. From sleeping on the beach at the age of 17 to becoming a self-made multimillionaire by 25, Grant’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

Early Struggles and Advertising Triumph:

Grant’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age when he found himself sleeping on the beach. Determined to change his circumstances, he established his own advertising agency. By the age of 25, he had achieved the remarkable feat of making his first million dollars within 1 year, setting the stage for the extraordinary success that would follow.

Diversifying Investments:

Property Mogul and Stock Market Guru: Grant’s journey didn’t stop at advertising. With an innate understanding of the real estate market, he ventured into property development, creating a portfolio worth over 60 million dollars. Simultaneously, his prowess in the stock market, honed over 28 years, led to consistent success, establishing him as a seasoned investor.
Balancing Business and Spirituality: A Unique Collaboration with the Dalai Lama: Grant’s life isn’t just about financial success. He believes in achieving a harmonious balance between business and spirituality. His collaboration with the Dalai Lama resulted in a book that explores the delicate art of balancing material prosperity with a deeper sense of purpose.

Philanthropy and Leadership:

CEO and Director of Charities: Grant’s success extends beyond personal gain. For 17 years, he served as the CEO and director of charities dedicated to supporting children with life-threatening illnesses and fostering the growth of indigenous businesses. His commitment to philanthropy showcases a holistic approach to success that goes beyond monetary achievements.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future:

Solar Electric Supercar and Yacht: Grant’s passion for innovation is evident in his recent projects, including Australia’s first solar electric super yacht valued at 4 million dollars. As a testament to his commitment to sustainable technology, he is also pioneering the world’s first solar electric supercar. These projects reflect his dedication to a future where success coexists with environmental responsibility.

Mastering Asset Protection:

Creating the Safest Discretionary Trust: With over 27 years of experience in asset protection, Grant has developed what he believes to be the safest discretionary trust owned by his company KSGH SECURITY in Australia. His expertise in this area has allowed him to guide others on the path to securing their financial future and protecting their hard-earned assets.

Mentoring the Wealthy:

Grant’s Business Advice Sessions are $440-per-Hour Wisdom: Grant Hilton’s wealth of experience and knowledge is not kept to himself. He now dedicates his time to mentoring wealthy individuals, helping them navigate the complexities of advertising, marketing, property development, stock market trading, business structure and restructuring, strategic planning, common/UCC law and more.

His guidance comes at a premium—$440 per hour for business advice through KSGH SECURITY—but for those seeking clarity and stability in their financial future, it’s a small price to pay for the insights of a true master.


Grant Hilton’s story is a remarkable journey from humble beginnings to financial mastery and innovative leadership. His commitment to balance, sustainability, and philanthropy sets him apart as not just a multimillionaire but a visionary who uses his success to make a positive impact on the world. As he continues to shape the future with groundbreaking projects, one can only anticipate the ongoing influence of Grant Hilton’s in the realms of business, innovation, and philanthropy.


• Grant helps you to get a new independent viewpoint
  • when you’ve been running a business for several years, it can be hard to see the company in an objective light. A business advisor comes to your business model afresh, and helps you to step outside the day-to-day operations and see the company from the outside in. This is incredibly helpful when looking for improvement areas or new opportunities.


• Grant helps you find the key issues that are holding your business back
  • with the help of an independent advisor, you’re far more likely to spot the flaws in your business model, and the areas where you – the owner – need to work on your own management skills. By highlighting the problems, you can start the process of overcoming these issues and moving forward.
• Grant provides business strategic planning
  • a key reason for working with a business advisor is to improve and polish your planning and strategic skills. Drawing on your advisor’s experience, you will learn the benefits of proper business planning and how to utilise these skills to draw up a more robust plan for the future of the company.
• Grant assists with new goal-setting and targets to create clarity
  • you can’t draw up a workable business plan if you haven’t outlined the key goals of your business. Working with an advisor helps you to narrow down your goals, set proper targets and create more momentum and drive in the company. With a clear set of targets for you and your team to get behind, it’s easier to understand your business purpose and measure your performance against these goals and targets.
• Grant is all in one as he also provides mentor services
  • working on your business is important, but working on your own skills and wellbeing is equally as important. An advisor can act as both a mentor, sounding board and confidant, something that’s incredibly valuable when you’re alone at the top. Being able to share your worries and ambitions with an advisor helps you to take care of your own mental health and wellbeing – all of which is good for both you and the business as a whole. When you’re less stressed, you’re a better leader, decision-maker and boss, so there’s an undeniable benefit to working closely with Grant as your trusted advisor.

Business Advice

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