Discretionary Trusts

With 27 years of Discretionary Trust experience KSGH Security know how to protect and keep your assets safe from any unforeseen future event.

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Discretionary Trust Deeds

27 years of research and development has formed the creation of these Trust Deeds.

Discretionary Trust Deeds

We offer asset protection services through one of the most effective discretionary trusts available to people wanting to protect their assets. Including but not limited to real tangible property, commercial, private, residential, vehicle, crypto currencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, or any other assets or commodities to which 100% equity is owned.

–        Ability to change beneficiary

–        Absolute discretion of trustee

–        Private governance and jurisdiction of the trust

–        Privacy and confidentiality assurance

–        Private minutes available by application

–        Trustee indemnity

–        Discretionary powers of delegation

–        Ability to operate privately

–        Infant, child, offspring and property protection

–        Ability to engage in lending and borrowing

–        Ability to engage in commerce with or transfer funds and/or assets to                other trusts or entities

–        Income protection

–        Document copyrighted

Discretionary Trusts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about this Trust?

Please use the Contact Us button to email your questions. You can also join our email list, below, for updates and information. 

Can I put a house or car with finance over it into the trust?

You can but we do not agree with this, we believe the asset MUST be 100% owned equity.

Can I transfer assets currently 100% owned?

Yes, but stamp duty for transference of title will be applied.

What property or assets can the trust hold?

Anything that is 100% owned equity.

Can i see the deed prior to purchase?

No, the deed is copyrighted IP.

Can I open an account with this trust with the bank?

Yes. Copy of private minutes of trustees etc wishing to open an account.

Do I need a PTY or LLC?

No, the Trust can be held privately.

If you want a PTY or LLC extra fees apply.

What if I lose the Deed Papers?

The Deed can be replaced for a small fee.

I'm in - what's the process to aquire this Trust?

You can add the items you need to the cart from this page. Go to the check out and purchase using a credit card. After purchase you will be redirected to a form to fill in with your basic information to get the process started. After the form submission you will be redirected to another page for more information about the process. A member of our team will also be in contact with you shortly.

AdditIonal Services

Do you need Business Advice or an LLC or PTY?

We offer Business Advice Mentoring and can also set up LLC or PTY for you at the same time as setting up your Trust. Simply add them to your shopping cart.

Find Out How We Can help

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Use the button below to go to our “Contact Us” form. We can help with further information, answering your questions and providing more details. Also, don’t forget to join our email list, sign up is at the bottom of the page.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Developed over 27 years of testing and trialing in many kinds of situations, the KSGH Security Discretionary Trust has never been cracked!

We have developed multiple layers of protection including the discretionary powers of delegation, private governance and private minutes available by application.

The KSGH Discretionary Trust is for people and corporations seeking the highest level of asset protection available.

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