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Title: "Grant Hudson: A Journey from Homeless to Multimillionaire Mentor and Innovator"

Diversifying Investments: Property Mogul and Stock Market Guru: Grant's journey didn't stop at advertising. With an innate understanding of the real estate market, he ventured into property development, creating a portfolio worth over 60 million dollars. Simultaneously, his prowess in the stock market, honed over 28 years, led to consistent success, establishing him as a seasoned investor.

We offer business advice and mentor services. Grant Hudson is classed as one of the best business advisors and mentors that money can buy. His knowledge is so expansive and diversified.

He also offers the most effective discretionary trusts available to people wanting to protect their assets. Including but not limited to real tangible property, commercial, private, residential, vehicle, crypto currencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, or any other assets or commodities to which 100% equity is owned.

Areas of expertise Include:-

-        Advertsing / Marketing / Sales

-        Stockmarket Trading

-        Property Investment

-        Property Development

-        Yacht Development

-        Solar Electric Propulsion

-        Asset Protection

-        Ability to operate privately

-        Mentoring

-        Business Advice

-        Charitable Institutions

-        Income protection

-        Document copyrighted

-        Contract Common/ UCC Law

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