(SMSF) Self Managed Super Fund

Take Control of Your Retirement: Say Goodbye to Government Taxes and High Management Fees and get your SMSF NOW!

Are you tired of government taxes and external management fees eating into your retirement savings? Take control of your financial future with KSGH Security and keep more of your hard-earned money. We know how to help with over 37 years of business experience 

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Learn from 37 years of Grant Hiltons Experience. Tried, tested and proven Strategies.

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Fast Track to Success. Taught by Self Made Multimillionare. Beginners  to Elite.

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Best Business Advice Money Can Buy. Read Grant Hilton’s Background under Business Advice.

Discretionary Trust Deeds

27 years of research and development has formed the creation of these Trust Deeds.

KSGH SMSF Self Managed Super Fund. It’s your money. Invest your super your way!

We offer a whole range of business advice and mentor services. Grant Hilton is classed as one of the best business advisors and mentors that money can buy. His knowledge is so expansive and diversified with 37 years experience.

We added SMSF to the list due to a high demand from his clients. He also offers the most effective discretionary trusts available to people wanting to protect their assets. Including but not limited to real tangible property, commercial, private, residential, vehicle, crypto currencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, or any other assets or commodities to which 100% equity is owned.

Go to the Business Advice page to find out more about his areas of expertise and what they Include:-

About (SMSF) Self Managed Super Fund

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Take Control of Your Super with KSGH Security

Your Money, Your Investments, Your Future

Would you let the big banks decide how to spend your salary? So why hand over the reins to publicly managed super funds? Empower yourself by setting up your own SMSF with KSGH Security today!

Why Choose KSGH Security?

Effortless Management You choose your investments, and we handle everything else – including the red tape. We guide you in regards to support for tax returns and financial statements to audits and all necessary fund management, our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way.

Clear Communication We’re SMSF specialists, but nobody understands your money better than you do. We guide you through every step, ensuring you have the freedom to invest your money your way, without the confusing accountant jargon.

Cost-Effective Solutions Benefit from fixed fees regardless of your balance. Lower fees mean more super for your future.

Set Up Cost $2,500

Note: Processing time approx 3-4 weeks to have your SMSF money in your hands.


Success Story: Transforming Lives with KSGH Security

A single mother, living at home with her 8-year-old child and struggling financially, reached out to KSGH Security. Despite having only $25,000 in superannuation, we helped her take control of her finances.

We assisted her in setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF), giving her direct control over her money. We then established her financial foundations and helped her set up her first company. With our continuous support, she successfully launched her new business and began generating cash flow.

Today, she enjoys full control over her life and funds, feeling empowered and delighted with her newfound independence. By taking immediate action, she transformed her financial situation and secured a brighter future for herself and her child.



• Grant helps you to get a new independent viewpoint
  • when you’ve been running a business for several years, it can be hard to see the company in an objective light. A business advisor comes to your business model afresh, and helps you to step outside the day-to-day operations and see the company from the outside in. This is incredibly helpful when looking for improvement areas or new opportunities.


• Grant helps you find the key issues that are holding your business back
  • with the help of an independent advisor, you’re far more likely to spot the flaws in your business model, and the areas where you – the owner – need to work on your own management skills. By highlighting the problems, you can start the process of overcoming these issues and moving forward.
• Grant provides business strategic planning
  • a key reason for working with a business advisor is to improve and polish your planning and strategic skills. Drawing on your advisor’s experience, you will learn the benefits of proper business planning and how to utilise these skills to draw up a more robust plan for the future of the company.
• Grant assists with new goal-setting and targets to create clarity
  • you can’t draw up a workable business plan if you haven’t outlined the key goals of your business. Working with an advisor helps you to narrow down your goals, set proper targets and create more momentum and drive in the company. With a clear set of targets for you and your team to get behind, it’s easier to understand your business purpose and measure your performance against these goals and targets.
• Grant is all in one as he also provides mentor services
  • working on your business is important, but working on your own skills and wellbeing is equally as important. An advisor can act as both a mentor, sounding board and confidant, something that’s incredibly valuable when you’re alone at the top. Being able to share your worries and ambitions with an advisor helps you to take care of your own mental health and wellbeing – all of which is good for both you and the business as a whole. When you’re less stressed, you’re a better leader, decision-maker and boss, so there’s an undeniable benefit to working closely with Grant as your trusted advisor.

SMSF Self Manged Super Fund

It’s your money. Invest your super your way.

Would you let the big banks decide how to spend your hard earned money? So why are you giving publicly managed super funds the power to make investment decisions about your super? Set up your own SMSF today!

AdditIonal Services

Do you need an LLC or PTY or Business Advice / Mentoring?

We can set these up for you at the same time as setting up your Trust. Simply add them to your shopping cart.

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Tried, Tested and Trusted

Developed over 27 years of testing and trialing in many kinds of situations, the KSGH Security Discretionary Trust has never been cracked!

We have developed multiple layers of protection including the discretionary powers of delegation, private governance and private minutes available by application.

The KSGH Discretionary Trust is for people and corporations seeking the highest level of asset protection available.

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