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How We Help People Protect their Assets from Unwanted Prying Eyes and
Unforeseen Future Events.

Protect your whole families financial future with KSGH Security Discretionary Trust with 27 years of success stories.

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"Do you find yourself apprehensive about the safety and security of your financial assets, such as funds in your bank account, as well as other valuable assets like your home?"

Do you have concerns about the safety of your money savings and assets?

“We’ve noted a significant concern among our clients regarding the ever-changing policies of entities such as the ATO, Banks, and Governments. This dynamic environment has left many families feeling uneasy about the safety of their assets. Complaints range from the seizure of houses, cars, and assets to unexpected actions like garnishing bank accounts without prior consent or notice. We understand the gravity of these issues and are committed to finding solutions that ensure the security and well-being of our clients’ financial interests.”

In the realm of family breakups and legal battles against individuals, having someone by your side who truly comprehends your situation and unequivocally supports you is invaluable. We recognize the emotional challenges that accompany these situations, and we take pride in being that supportive ally who stands with you, providing a comforting and understanding presence throughout the journey.

Over the years, we’ve observed a recurring pattern where individuals, guided by accountants, lawyers, and solicitors, opt for seemingly cost-effective versions of asset protection discretionary trusts. Unfortunately, upon engaging with our services, they discover that these specific trusts lack the efficacy they were led to believe. Our extensive experience has led numerous clients to seek our assistance after realizing that the purported safeguard they initially invested in failed to provide the protection they were promised.

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Troy's Testimonial

“KSGH Security goes beyond expectations in securing assets for unforeseen events for me. With a remarkable blend of business wisdom spanning 37 years and discretionary trust expertise over 27 years, they’ve proven to be a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of safeguarding my assets in today’s dynamic business landscape.”

Troy Logans
Jane’s Testimonial

“KSGH Security’s unparalleled business acumen and discretionary trust expertise have been invaluable in safeguarding my assets. With years of experience, they have consistently provided the protection and peace of mind I need.”

Jane McGee

*We guaranteed our trust will protect your assets.

9 Reasons to go with KSGH SecurityTrust..

Reason #1: Strategy No visual beneficiary's listed

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #2: 27 years of knowledge in one document

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #3: We have made a it quick and easy for you

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #4: We walk you through the process

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #5: We help you open the bank account

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #6: Knowing you will never need another trust

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #7: We share what secret strategies are listed

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #8: Knowing your assets are safe and secure

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

Reason #9: Peace of mind for your children's future

KSGH Security Discretionary Trust

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Drawing on 37 years of business expertise and 27 years of discretionary trust experience, KSGH Security possesses the knowledge to safeguard your assets, ensuring protection against unforeseen future events. and more..

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  • 1. Perfect Bound Trust Deed
  • 2. Copy of Trust Deed held in secure Law Firm
  • 3. Lawyer Settler and Deed Set Up fee
  • 4. Registered postal fees


Our Guarantee To You: We have worked tirelessly to bring you the safest discretionary trust that money can buy linked to an affiliate program so that through referrals you can make your money back. We're sure you're going to be grateful after your purchase due to the peace of mind that our discretionary trust will give you, leaving you feeling safe and secure again. We are so confident in our trust that we guarantee that the clauses within it will give you 100% asset protection as long as you follow our instructions. We also note that it will only take up to 2 weeks to have it completed and delivered to you. We want your experience with KSGH Security to be the best. So go ahead and purchase with confidence!


Thank you so much for walking me through all the necessary steps to make me feel comfortable. This is the first time in a very long time i have felt in control of my assets again after the secret clauses you have implemented to protect my assets.

Jen Johanah

At first I was a little scepical about how this trust would work but after the team started to share more information i realised how much i did'nt know. Thank you so much for educating me on how important it is to protect my families wealth.

Jack Levi

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Ready to protect your assets and financial future?

KSGH Security is on a mission to help you to protect your assets, so you can feel safe and secure. We decided to block all the large organisations out there that were trying to penetrate all of our rights to feel safe and secure by creating an impenetrable tool so powerful it would protect everyone's families financial future. We're committed to help you take control again.

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