What does KSGH provide?

We offer asset protection services through one of the most effective discretionary
trusts available globally. For people wanting to protect their assets, including but not
limited to real tangible property, commercial, private, residential, vehicle, crypto
currencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, or any other assets or commodities to which
100% equity is owned.

KSGH Compared

The asset protection market currently has many companies claiming to provide
high-level asset protection through various means such as family trusts. These trusts
have been proven to be worth virtually nothing, due to the beneficiary (The person
owning the assets inside the trust) of the trust being visible to the public, banks and the

What is the problem with the beneficiary being visible?

As long as the beneficiary of the trust is visible, the contents of the trust can be taken
because who they are taking from is knowable information. When the beneficiary is not
visible, no person, organisation or agency can know who is attached to the trust, let
alone the contents of it. Thus they cannot seize, put a lean on, withdraw from, claim or
devalue any part of it.

KSGH has over 27 years experience in the specialised field, ensuring the financial safety
of everyday families to high-profile individuals. Our Discretionary Trust utilises tried,
tested and proven legal documents which shield your assets from inspection by any
unwanted eyes.


● Ability to change beneficiary
● Absolute discretion of trustee
● Private governance and jurisdiction of the trust
● Privacy and confidentiality assurance
● Private minutes available by application
● Trustee indemnity
● Discretionary powers of delegation
● Ability to operate privately
● Infant, child, offspring and property protection
● Ability to engage in lending and borrowing
● Ability to engage in commerce with or transfer funds and/or assets to other
trusts or entities
● Income protection
● Document copyrighted


KSGH Discretionary Trust $9950

Cost includes:

  • Lawyers settlers fees
  • Registered postal fees
  • Perfectly bound physical trust
  • Recorded copy in reputable law firm
    Extra Options:
  • Commercial Entity $1495
  • Replacement Deed $545

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    Discretionary Trust Deeds 25 years of research and
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    The best asset protection available.
    Asset Protection Real tangible property, crypto,
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